Jägerschnityel at Rathskeller

Haven’t been to Rathskeller in Victoria, B.C.? Then, you are missing out. For those of us with a weakness for an uncontrollable desire to eat good Schnitzel, The Rathskeller is nothing short of hog heaven.

A low-profile exterior and a low-income high rise across the street
might encourage visitors to glance over this treasure. But the interior
is decidedly Bavarian
complete with aging Lederhosen,steins, and the blue-and-white checkered
flag of this southern German state. Andrea, who inherited the Victorian
institution from her parents, now runs the restaurant.

Since German restaurants may be becoming rarer in North America, I
relish every chance I get to enjoy the food. At Rathskeller, my dinner
included Jägerschnitzel with Spätzle (German noodles), a piece of
homemade Bratwurst and German Senf (mustard), Rüdesheimer Kaffee
(coffee with German brandy), a piece of cheesecake and a beer.

My Jägerschnitzel had two pieces. It’s not the restaurant’s fault
that the photo above shows only one piece. Overcome with excitement,
joy and other German emotions that are commonly associated with seeing
Jägerschnitzel, I dug in before reaching for the camera.

I wish I had also tried grilled Camembert cheese, cabbage rolls,
Frikadellen (yummy meat patties), and some more Bratwurst. Several beer
boots (“Das Boot” thanks to Beerfest the movie), or Biefstiefeln, were also on hand, but I opted not to leave even less room for food.

If you are in or near Victoria, B.C., and feel like some gourmet German grub, The Rathskeller is the place for you.

1205 Quadra Street
Victoria, BC
Tel. 250.386.9348
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