The median age of Sequim is 59, says Wikipedia. For comparison, Seattle’s median age is 35. And many retirees are jeopardizing their lives and those of the community. Here’s how.

A woman walked into an office. She had suffered an acute cerebrovascular attack, or stroke, and speaks and walks with great difficulty. She had to be helped to her car and over the threshold of the office entrance. When everyone wondered how she got to the office, there was her husband.
Her husband was a tall man–a little hunched over but definitely commanding in his seat. He walks with a severe limp of unknown origin. He could not see much of anything in front of him even with glasses. And he could not remember a phone call from 15 minutes ago.
And he drove her to the office.
Her hematoma was a sure sign she had fallen recently. This time she took him down with her.
It is sad that couples like them don’t receive much help. Scarier, they are out driving.
Welcome to Sequim.