INCIDENT: Yesterday morning I found her dead in the toilet in our guest bathroom. By the time I fished her out with chopsticks, rigor mortis had set in. The apparent cause of death was drowning. And I hoped  she didn’t struggle too much. At least, she seemed to have enjoyed her stay with us.
In the third drawer down, there was a comfortable bed. Our handmade, clay gravy boat had tips of cotton swaps, countless pieces of my #10 envelopes and unidentifiable materials she gathered from around the house. I would rather have given her a couple of #10 envelopes. Dozens of my #10 envelopes are now missing corners.
She had ration, several pieces of dry dog food next to her bed. She had water…. I hope she slipped and fell. I’d hate to think that dire thirst made her take the plunge.
LESSON: To one living being, #10 envelopes are for mailing. To another, they make a very comfortable bed.