Five different e-mail accounts that I know of. More than 450 RSS feeds. Over 2,000 calendar items and tasks. They now reside under a single Google account. I’m not brave enough just yet to consolidate all incoming calls to Google Voice.

Manually consolidating and uploading old e-mail to Gmail took about two days. Outlook 2007 was nice when it was a solid local-copy alternative to nebulous cloud computing. The days of a single UNIX e-mail account with several aliases are gone–especially when so much incoming data must be processed continuously and organized with a method that offers some continuity.
I am Dayhawk. And I’m free of Outlook.
But I cannot let go of FeedDemon, arguably the most versatile RSS aggregator out there. In its ad-supported version 3.0, NewsGator has switched the synchronization service to Google Reader. Another reason for this week-long consolidation process.
After about a week of relying solely on Google for data mining, aggregating and processing, I feel like a new person. No more bulky Outlook to enslave me. Just Google and me.